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Trickix's Sanitary Care

WE working with the clients to provide Sanitary Lady Bins throughout Sydney (NSW) working with you and your client's to provide the facilities and high service to promote an environmentally friendly Washroom needs


Trickie Mayes

We Care for our Environment and Our Services... Think of Clean Water and Nice Smell.!!

Trickix's Sanitary Care Urinal and WC

​Trickix's Sanitary Care, we provides a range of products for URINAL'S & WC's that are hygienic, fresh smelling, easy to install, economic to use (save water and maintenance) environmentally safe (biodegradable). For the urinal, our revolutionary BIOTABS provide an all-in-one solution that deodorises maintains free flowing drains, keeps the air fresh and with the ability to operate in a no flush environment, instantly converts flushing urinals into no flush or ultra low flush fixtures.

Our range of products for WC's work automatically providing sanitised and clean smelling toilets that reduce cleaning requirements and dispense with the need for additional disinfectants and harsh acid based cleaners. They maintain free flowing drains while efficiently removing organic waste that causes stains, encrustations and unpleasant odours.

BIOTABS Urinal Deodoriser, Drain Maintainer and Air Fresheners, Pink Flushing

​Suitable for use with the majority of urinal bowl and trough models.

​Pink Label BIOTABS are designed for maintenance of low flushing urinal bowls and troughs using only 1.0 litre or more of water per flush.



  • ​Designed for use for new and existing urinals, no plumbing works or retiling woes.
  • ​Reduces both water and maintenance costs
  • Non-pathogenic stains
  • ​Eliminates the use of chemical products like toilet cleaners and air fresheners, resulting in cost saving
  • ​Environmentally friendly, lowers your carbon footprint​​
  • ​Reliable as using patented and proven dosing systems: Australian Registration
  • ​Perfect for office buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Shopping Malls, Health Care Facilities, etc

Urinal & WC Sanitising


Biological bio-enzymatic cleaner drain cleaner and maintainer Clog Free Urinal

Urinal Drain Maintainer BIOTABS Bugs here Eco Friendly cleaning Biodegradable Air Freshener