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Trickix's Sanitary Care

Trickix's Sanitary Care

WE working with the clients to provide Sanitary Lady Bins throughout Sydney (NSW) working with you and your client's to provide the facilities and high service to promote an environmentally friendly Washroom needs


Trickie Mayes

We Care for our Environment and Our Services... Think of Clean Water and Nice Smell.!!

Sanitary Disposal Services for the Sydney Area

​Complete Hygiene Servicing.

Trickix's Sanitary Care, our servicing guarantee peace of mind that your feminine hygiene bins will be collected and serviced on an regular basis according to your washroom needs.​The service method used is an onsite liner exchange. All feminine bins are emptied in their current vicinity, cleaned with a sanitising agent (Selgiene Ultra) before a replacement liner is installed with Bioforce Germicidal power inside.

​Trickix's Sanitary Care supplies and installs the complete range of washroom services on the page, a clean and fresh washroom is an asset to any organisation, demonstrates and care and respect for your client's and your well-being and the environmentally.

We deliver to your door and provide the best range of products available from  toilet issues  to cleaning products, hand towels to soap, and wipes to first kits and among many many others.

​Trickix's Sanitary Care services, our team of friendly and reliable staff will collect your sanitary bins, from your premises, on the following basis:

*  Weekly Sanitary Bins Collection Services.

​*  Fortnightly Sanitary Bins Collection Services.

*  Monthly Sanitary Bins Collection Services.

​*  Recycled Water-Reducing Your Carbon Footprint.

​Our sanitary disposal units have been designed with the user in mind and we have range of options to suit your need.

​Talk to our friendly staff about your and others well-being..

​We're here to help you with  you full washroom needs with clean and fresh

​Let Us Help You With Your Washroom Needs..