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Trickix's Sanitary Care

WE working with the clients to provide Sanitary Lady Bins throughout Sydney (NSW) working with you and your client's to provide the facilities and high service to promote an environmentally friendly Washroom needs


Trickie Mayes

We Care for our Environment and Our Services... Think of Clean Water and Nice Smell.!!

Nappy Disposal

Our company provides range of Nappy Disposal Bins & Bins Liners:

  • Practical
  • Durable
  • User Friendly
  • prevent Clogging Drains

Safe Nappy Bins for Sydney

Benefits of nappy disposal units

* Heavy Duty thermoplastic Nappy Units provide effective and Hygienic Control of Waste

* Discreet removal and disposal to treat waste in a co-ordnance with EPA standards.

* Heavy duty biodegradable anti-bacterial liner.

* Wide lid opening facilities for ease of Nappy placement.

* All Nappy Units are removed and replaced with freshly sanitised units at each service by trained TSC personnel.

* Safe and Hygienic for parents room environments offering customised and discreet service options.

Nappy Disposal unit

Trickix's Sanitary Care, our Nappy Service Provides a Dependable, Environmentally Safe and value Efficient Method for Disposal of Nappies.

Our Nappy Disposal Service has been created to facilitate the Hygienic Disposal of group E waste including Nappies and Incontinence pads.

Our Nappy Bin Units are available in 42 Litre Capacities.

​We believe sustainability starts with the environment are proud to service a range of bio-active cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly.

We offer:

*  Weekly

* Fortnightly

* Monthly collection.

Trickix's Sanitary Care, We aim to give you the best Nappy Bin Service in the Washroom or where there are babies needs solutions industry. By Providing you with a reliable and affordable services