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Trickix's Sanitary Care

Trickix's Sanitary Care

WE working with the clients to provide Sanitary Lady Bins throughout Sydney (NSW) working with you and your client's to provide the facilities and high service to promote an environmentally friendly Washroom needs


Trickie Mayes

We Care for our Environment and Our Services... Think of Clean Water and Nice Smell.!!

Sanitary Solutions for Washrooms in Sydney


​Trickix's Sanitary Care our friendly and experienced sales staff are ready to assist your calls to help you with better service with your washroom needs.

​You may place an order with our friendly staff who can assist you with you inquiries about our full clean and fresh washroom services to you and your client's.

​We are here to provide you a clean and fresh for your environment.

​Simply fill the email form and we will assist you with a phone call away.

​Alternatively Contact Us on  02 9521 6992


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