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Trickix's Sanitary Care

Trickix's Sanitary Care

WE working with the clients to provide Sanitary Lady Bins throughout Sydney (NSW) working with you and your client's to provide the facilities and high service to promote an environmentally friendly Washroom needs


Trickie Mayes

We Care for our Environment and Our Services... Think of Clean Water and Nice Smell.!!

Our Objective

​Trickix's Sanitary Care to review the current financial positions to ensure value for money for the client.

​To expand the service provision to the client.

​1. Profitability

​2. Productivity

​3. Customer Service

​4. Employee Retention

5. Care Values

6. Growth

7. Maintain Financing

8. Change Management

9. Marketing

​10. Competitive Analysis

About Us

Trickix's Sanitary Care in Sydney

Our Aim

​Trickix's Sanitary Care services team, at whatever level, can expect a structured approach to their training which will meet both person and organisational requirements.

​To provide on-going training and development for all members of our team therefore enabling each person to maximise their individual potential.

​Our Aim is to provide you with the best solution to suit your circumstances, to provide you with value for money without compromising quality.

​Our company endeavours to strive to always exceed customers' expectations of our friendly servicing.

​Trickix's Sanitary Care has over 8 years experience in providing high quality sanitary and hygiene products. We are committed to giving you the best Washroom Service and the best Value for money giving you an affordable reliable service.

  • ​Our aim is to achieve 100% customers satisfaction
  • ​We respond within 24 hours to any service callout. (May or May not including weekends)

​Our company will give you one dedicated person to look after your Washroom servicing-giving you a personal friendly service tailored to meet your needs regardless of the size of your company and washroom requirement.

​Trickix's Sanitary Care comply 100% with all legal ​and Health and Safety requirements.

​Our friendly conscientious staff look forward to providing you with your washroom needs.